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Thermal springs of Traianoupolis

Thermal springs of Traianoupolis

The Thermal Springs of Traianoupolis have been recognised as healing, according to  the FEK B 1148 / 22 04 2016. They are located in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Prefecture of Evros, Municipality of Alexandroupolis, approximately 14 km east of Alexandroupolis, on the old Alexandroupolis - Feres National Highway. The thermal water, at 51°C temperature, has a flow rate of 40 m3 per hour. It is thermometallic and contains hydrosulphide and chloride, which make it beneficial for several ailments. It is recommended for both drinking and bath therapy.


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Special characteristics of the thermal water

The water in thermal springs of Traianoupoli has a temperature of 51°C

  • electrical conductivity

    13000 μS/cm
  • active acidity (pH)

  • radon (Rn)

    115,33 ± 1,63 Bq/l
  • radium (Ra)

    0,75 ± 0,13 Bq/l
  • uranium (U)

    0,16 ± 0,07 Bq/l

Chemical elements

  • chlorine (Cl)
  • sodium (Na)
  • calcium (Ca)
  • potassium (K)
  • lithium (Li)
  • strontium (Sr)
  • boron (B)
  • gases: hydrogen sulfide (H2S) − 4mg / l

The flow of the water is 40 m3 per hour

The water coming from the thermal springs contains minerals like sodium chloride, potassium, lithium, strontium and boron, and it is characterised and identified as: superheated, metallic, calcareous, mildly radioactive and moderately hydrosulphide.

Healing properties

Drinking Therapy

  • diabetes
  • kidney diseases
  • liver and bile cystitis
  • gallstones
  • cholecystitis
  • cholecysts and stones of the gallbladder and the liver bile vessels
  • liver dysfunctions
  • intrahepatic cholestasis
  • post cholecystectomies syndrome
  • digestive disorders
  • chronic gastritis and constipation

Bath Therapy

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • ankylosing and degenerating spondylitis
  • spondyloarthritis
  • arthrosis
  • disc disease
  • arthritis
  • back pain
  • neuralgia
  • gynecological diseases (parametritis, salpingitis, colpitis, sterilisation, radiculitis)

Current situation of old and modern premises

Both the old and modern hydrotherapy centres are directly adjacent to the homonymous archaeological site of Traianoupolis, where ancient monuments are preserved. More specifically, the ancient guesthouse “Hana”, which was built during 1370-1390, also known as the “Evrenos Bey Inn”, is located in the area. Behind “Hana” there were baths (hamams) during the Ottoman Empire era. The baths were inside four separate buildings with vaulted ceilings and had pools and common areas. Their ruins are dated back to 16th century, in the Roman era and Ottoman rule of the area.

Modern premises

The modern premises have one (1) building that functions as a hydrotherapy centre which provides individual baths. Accommodation (Hotel) and catering (Tavern) is also available at the area. The Thermal Springs Hotel is located inside the Loutropolis. It consists of four (4) wings, each of which having eleven (11) rooms, therefore 44 single, double and triple rooms in total. There is also a tavern, "HANA", which up until recently was operated by the Women's Productive Co-op of Loutra village, emphasizing in local traditional cuisine.







rooms single | double | triple

individual bathrooms | wardrobe | TV | free WI FI

Management - Current situation

The management of the premises is vested in the Tourist Spa Company of the Municipality of Alexandroupoli - TIEDA SA. Currently, the Thermal Baths are out of operation, however, a complete file with all the necessary supporting documents has already been submitted to the Special Agency for the Promotion and Licensing of Tourist Investments (EYPATE) to issue the Special Operation Mark (ESL) in order to reopen immediately in compliance with the law. TIEDA SA aims to combine spa tourism and the therapeutic use of thermal springs for mental health and physical wellbeing with other alternative forms of tourism, such as promoting the cultural history of the area. The use of the ancient buildings is in compliance with the legal framework, strictly observing the legal protocols, by issuing the required permits and following the health legislation.


Tourist and Spa Enterprise of Alexandroupoli Municipality

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